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Why need SEO (search engine optimization)?

SEO is based on a series of related keywords to optimize your website and increase visitor traffic, so that your website can get a higher ranking on search engines. Simply put, if a potential customer searches Google for our set keywords, your site will appear on the first page of the search results.
A higher search ranking allows more potential customers interested in your product or service to find your site.

Every second, Google will generate more than 70,000 search requests,
But 70% of users will only click on the search results on the first page.
Therefore, optimize website keyword rankings and improve the natural ranking of web pages,
Can effectively increase website exposure and traffic.

The location of the storefront has a significant impact on the business status of the business, and the ranking on the search results page is the location of the online storefront of different value, and the Internet users do not have the patience to browse the entire block. 70% of users will only enter the first page.
In other words, if your search ranking is not good and you don’t grab a golden store on the Internet, you will have a 30% chance. Moreover, visitors to your website may be just want to compare price with others, so it may be more difficult for them to complete the purchase.

SEO effectiveness and search ranking are not the only issues that e-commerce companies need to pay attention to. More than 30% of the searches done on smartphones are looking for nearby stores, and nearly 80% of them will visit the store within a week, and nearly 30% will eventually complete the purchase, the operator of the physical store also absolutely needs to pay attention to the search exposure of the merchant.

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Our professional consultants will setup website strategies with customers based on the customer’s website and business model, and make different proportions of service items according to needs.

Any type of websites are applicable, including system business, WordPress, online shop platform

  • Search engine optimization suggestions
  • Website planning suggestions, categories and channel suggestions
  • SEO keyword research, keyword strategy planning

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