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Why do you need a website?What are the condition to build a Quality Website?
As smartphones become more common, more and more people use mobile phones to search for information, products. Therefore, if your business or product wants people to search for it, having a website is inevitable. A quality website must have the following conditions, so that search inquiries can get complete information and enjoy a better user experience, turning searchers into your customers.
Prerequisite 1 : Responsive Design
Responsive web design allows websites to provide the best visual experience when browsing on different devices (from desktop to smartphone), reducing the hassle of zooming in and out.
Prerequisite 2 : SEO optimization design
The difference between a good web page and a general web page lies in SEO optimization design. The importance of SEO lies in the exposure rate and business conversion rate of your website.A SEO-optimized website will make it easier for searchers to find your business page, and future online marketing campaigns will do more with less, greatly improving your business conversion rate and exposure.
Web Design
KCCM creates your web design with the business and needs of your company. We will prepare the existing webpage architecture for your reference and choose the web design that suits you from a professional perspective.
Features of Website
KCCM pays attention to the cleanliness of the webpage and makes it easy for your customers to see your company’s consulting, services or products. KCCM team can do any features that required by you as well, we will understand your needs before making the features you want. The features that most websites now require are: contact form, social media (Facebook, Instagram), blog, live chat, SEO optimization. If you are an e-commerce: add/remove product yourself, change the price or set special price, coupon code setting, survival system, order report, set charging method ( Payment gateway) such as PayPal, ipay88, billplz, creditcard and more.
Web content
No matter how good the web design is, without the content, and no information that the customer/audience wants, even there are more people browse your webpage, those people can’t convert into your customers.Therefore, KCCM will provide some content that can be obtained to potential customers.
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