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Encourage cashless transactions(E-Wallet Payment)!

The government will send an amount of RM50 e-wallet!

On 5th of June, Our PM Muyuddin announced that in order to encourage cashless transactions, the government issued an electronic red envelope (angpao) of RM50 per person, benefiting a total of 15 million people.

He said the government allocated RM750 million to encourage people to use cashless transactions.

He said more and more Malaysians are using cashless transactions; the electronic red envelope plan will start in July.

He pointed out that the government provides RM 50 to the people through the e-wallet platform, including discount coupons and cash rebates.

He said that in order to promote digitalization, the government has also added electronic counters.

Muyuddin also said that the government will also launch a “Buy Malaysia products online” activity with the private sector to encourage people to consume online. The government will issue various promotional codes and discount coupons through e-commerce platforms.

Muyuddin said that at the initial stage, the government will issue RM70 million in matching funds to the e-commerce platform.

news source: https://www.chinapress.com.my/?p=2063287

From the article above, we know that government started to establish a cashless transactions country, in current situation Malaysia had now, business owner is encouraged to accept E-wallet Payment instead of collect cash from customer.

Government also will launch Micros and SMEs E-commerce Campaign to encourage adoption of e-commerce by micro enterprises and SMEs in order to widen their market reach.

As government also give angpao to citizen for free, business owner to take this opportunity to boost your sales.

More Details: https://penjana.treasury.gov.my/pdf/PENJANA-Booklet-En.pdf

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