Whatsapp Marketing – How to create your own link

whatsapp marketing create business link

In this post, we going to show you how to create your own link with whatsapp.

  1. Goto http://manage.wasap.my
  2. Picture is a login page for who already sign up.
  3. For first registration, click “DAFTAR PERCUMA SEKARANG”

Registration part

  1. Fill up all the info required above even phone number.
  2. Once succeed, just click “HERE” to login.

Setting for your own link

  • Here the dashboard when you sign in, click “add link” to start create your unique link.

  1. Link: Choose your own name, you can put your company name or your name, don’t space between your names, and also don’t put all branded name like nike, addidas, oppo, because it will ban by whatsapp.
  2. Phone: Remember put your real number with country code, for malaysia coutry code is +60, so just add “6” infront phone number. For indonesia, +62, just add “62” infront phone number.
  3. Pre-filled Text: You can set your text here, so you can know what your customer want from you when they whatsapp you. Remember only can put 1 text per link. You can leave it blank if you didn’t want to set any text.


  1. Facebook Pixel ID: this is for facebook ads for future retargeting, you can use when you have your own website, so you can leave it blank.
  2. Google Conversion ID: same with facebook pixel no need fill in if you don’t have any.

If you want to ask any advanced question, do send us whatsapp:


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