Online Marketing Strategies

The right content, the right platform, is seen by more potential customers
Using online marketingIncrease exposure and business in the short term
KCCM helps countless clients to use the experience of online marketing to understand the online users’ search habits and master the ways to bring customers. Target the target audience through the KCCM system, ensuring that the right users see your ads, and urging more customers to take action, resulting in higher conversion rates while reducing costs (CPC, CPM, PPC).
Custom online marketing strategies for you
KCCM mainly provides suitable advertising media/platforms for Malaysian customers or customers who want to do business in Malaysia.
KCCM will recommend the most suitable internet marketing for customers for different business characteristics.Online marketing platforms/media include: Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Email, major online platforms.
Advertising content design focus
Suitable imageThe content, information and impressions of an advertisement often reflect the customer’s image, service, and operating guidelines.Content writingA good ad must grab the reader’s eye for the first time and drive the company/product advantage with the simplest and easy-to-understand words.PictureThe image must express the same information as the text, and it can also catch the reader’s eye.
Monthly advertising data analysis and details
KCCM re-detects the ads that are delivered and integrates the promotion strategy by analyzing a large amount of advertising data.Simply using a constant propaganda strategy will only waste your costs and there are no customers, so we provide professional advice to each customer through data every month to integrate promotional strategies to help you create more business.
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