Whatsapp Marketing – Create Whatsapp Link with Your Own Brand

In previous page i share about how to create whatsapp link provided by whatsapp, today i would like to introduce you how to customize/create whatsapp link with your own name.

Example: http://kccmmarketing.wasap.my

Customize/create whatsapp link with your own name

Above picture is the dashboard of where you create and edit your link, you can see my created link with phone number and text set by me. 


Picture above showed after i click edit link, here is the place that you can create your link, you can always change the text for different promotion or service you have in same link too. You can see the language of this platform is Malay, because it done by our local developer which very cool. 

Here the result, you can copy the link that you create and put in your facebook page or other selling platform that you are selling your products/service.

BUT, how to create?

For those who interested want to know how, just CLICK HERE to get our guide for free.

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